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Weltkarte (Map of the World) Metal Wall Art

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Northshire - Metal World Map DecorProduct Video > 2...
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Product Type: Wall Art

Vendor: Northshire Wall Art

Northshire - Metal World Map Decor

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Material: 2 mm steel
Sizes: 39.7" x 27.5 inches - 52" x 38" inches
Product weight: Regular size; 3.45lbs | XL size ;  6.25lbs
Color: Textured, Black Paint
Packing: Sturdy box suitable for transport and gift.
The product stands 1.5 cm from the wall.
Easily hangable product doesn't need any additional mounting process.

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Map of Life ' World Map that make incredibly distinctive gifts, decoration for home or office, and places - in our lives. There are literally hundreds of different ways to make beautiful art for the walls. But we narrowed it down to our top favorite idea. We thought that anomalous ideas starts with changing the perception and embracing the spirit of earth.

The great combination of spirit and life has stocked and ready to be shipped.

Decorating in the diversified style that uses handmade accents and ideas, imaginative materials and interior colors are an inexpensive manner to make your walls look beautiful and connected to your peaceful land.

And these four elements magnets! Dimension; 4.5cm x 6.8cm


All componants are crafted with love and spiritual touch of . The project made with anomalous ideas and stager perception of art. Crafting tools are gathered and combined with patience and great effort. Textured static black dyed.

Northshire ' cares to ensure supreme quality products.

Meaning of Map of Life

Flower of Life
To describe its structure, it is a geometrical shape consisting of overlapping circles, which are spaced out in six-fold symmetry to give it the look of a flower. As is seen from the image above, the flower reflects perfection and harmony. Taken to be a shape known to all religions of the world, it has been more recently named as 'sacred geometry' by the Pagans. So, this particular design is known to depict the fundamental forms of space and time. As mysterious as it may sound, the flower of life is a concept that explains or tries to establish the patterns of the creation of this world; the world as it has emerged from the 'Great Void'. A crucial implication of this shape is its display of how all beings are interconnected. So, it is said to be the ultimate registry with all information of living beings, called an 'Akashic Record'. As per theosophy, an Akashic record maintains a record of all occurring thoughts, words, and actions, as they are impressed upon the 'Akasha' (Ether). In Hinduism, this 'Akash tattva' is considered the primal natural element from which the other four (fire, water, earth, and air) evolved. You may notice the hexagonal pattern, where the center of every circle lies on the circumference of six other surrounding circles of the same diameter. Looking at it as numbers, there are in all 19 complete circles encircled by one big circle on the outside. The following sections discuss some more symbolic arrangements derived from the original form.

Seed of Life

This is a formation where the inner seven circles are placed in six-fold symmetry. As the name suggests, the seed of life forms the basic element of the whole design. In Christianity and Judaism, this stands for the 7 days of creation, when the Judeo-Christian God created life. The vesica piscis is the intersection of two circles of same radius, with the center of each circle lying on the circumference of the other. This shape was the accomplishment of the first day, to which one circle was added per day, leaving the seventh day to be the day of rest, or sabbath. A circle is assumed to be the start of the formation of the seed of life. There are some who believe that it was an octahedron (a polyhedron with eight faces) which was the first step. This shape was to spin on its axis, and then form a sphere. This sphere is identified as the abode of the creator's consciousness.

Tree of Life

The tree of life is commonly associated with the Kabbalah, or the esoteric discipline and school of thought in Judaism. In Kabbalah tradition, it is used to understand the nature of God. The tree of life symbol refers to the idea of common descent. This, being a universal theme in all theologies, is found to be adopted by some Christians, Jews, Hermeticists, and pagans. It is also believed that the 'tree of life' of the Kabbalah is similar to the 'tree of life' as given in Genesis 2:9.

Earth's great spirit will be displayed on your walls!

Please Note: Map of Life ' World Maps are available with 2 different dimensions.


The product stands 1.5 cm from the wall. Easily hangable product doesn't need any additional mounting process.
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