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Minshape Concrete Bookends Set MBH1.2

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Minshape Bookends MBH1.2 (set of 2). Minimalist handmade white reinforced...
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Product Type: Bookends

Vendor: Minshape

Minshape Bookends MBH1.2 (set of 2). Minimalist handmade white reinforced concrete bookend set with pure mirror finished copper plate from Minshape's 2019 collection. Exclusive and contemporary accessory for home or office interior. Bookends are solid, stable and perfectly hold books of any size. This product is also a perfect gift idea for any occasion.

MBH1.2 are made of special extremely strong UHPC reinforced concrete, allowing our products to be resistant to water, dirt, temperature changes, impact, hits, etc. All these factors usually affect and damage typical simple concrete made only from cement, sand and water. Every concrete piece is cured in high temperature to achieve the best characteristics of our concrete. Fully cured concrete elements are sanded by hand prior sealing, to make the surface perfectly smooth. This concrete surface is sealed and protected from dirt without changing concrete natural aesthetics.

"Minshape" copper elements are sanded and mirror polished by hand using various abrasives and polishing compounds. Mirror finished copper is beautiful, but very demanding surface to work with. We have developed special technology and use combination of different crystal clear agents to protect initial mirror finished copper beauty for years. 2 mm thickness copper plate is fully protected from oxidation, abrasion, moisture and other negative factors.

Each product has its unique production number engraved on a small pure copper piece and placed at the bottom of every product.

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Materials: special ultra high performance concrete, pure copper metal.
Size: W – 8 cm, L – 8 cm, H – 16 cm (1 pc.).
Weight: ~1.2 kg (1 pc.).

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