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Desert Mountains Match Striker

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Desert Mountains Match Striker with Cacti Silhouettes and Gold Accents...
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Product Type: Miscellaneous

Vendor: Kira Call Ceramics

Desert Mountains Match Striker with Cacti Silhouettes and Gold Accents


his little match striker was made with porcelain clay using the potter's wheel. It is hand painted with non-toxic lead-free underglazes with a playful desert mountains scene with silhouettes of saguaro cacti, and it has accents of REAL GOLD in the form of gold luster overglaze. 

The top portion and the inside of this little match striker cup are glazed with a lead-free non-toxic clear glaze, and where the brown mountains and cacti silhouettes are painted, it is left unglazed and un-sanded to leave a rough surface perfect for striking matches. 
*The matches may leave marks on the surface, but if they bother you they should come off with some light scrubbing with soap and water (avoid using anything abrasive on the gold painted areas).

Dimensions: 2 1/2" in diameter, and 2 3/8" tall.
As a little sake cup, it would hold about 4 fluid ounces.

This match striker is:

*Hand Painted
*Ready to Ship
*Food Safe (should you want to use it as a little cup)
*NOT Microwave Safe
*NOT Dishwasher Safe

*Since this match striker is decorated with real gold, it is not microwave or dishwasher safe. Gently hand wash with soap, and avoid using anything abrasive on the gold areas.

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