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Large Concrete Copper Fruit Bowl

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This is our big concrete bowl in gray and copper,...
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Product Type: Bowls

Vendor: Mica Rica

This is our big concrete bowl in gray and copper, by Mica Rica.

This large bowl can be used in several ways, either as a fruit bowl, as a centerpiece, fruit bowl for whole pieces, as a salad bowl or as a serving bowl. It is very versatile. The interior has a gloss lacquer approved to serve food, so it can be used without risk, the exterior has a matte finish. This large cement bowl can not be used in an oven or microwave, and washing by hand is recommended, although it can sometimes be put in the dishwasher. It can be used in other applications, such as exhibitors for bulk goods stores, such as sweets, candies, garments, etc.

Diameter: 28 cm. (eleven")
Height: 11 cm. (4.3 ")
Weight of 2,5 kg. (88 oz)

This product has been carefully hand crafted; small irregularities in the surface of the material are a natural and unique feature of the object, so it may differ slightly from the photographs in shape and color tone.

This is a design made entirely by hand and shipped in a carefully crafted 100% recycled cardboard gift wrap made by us.


To ensure the durability of the product, wash it with neutral soap using the soft part of the scrubber and let it air dry.

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