Okay, where are all our almost famous fans? Okay you get the hint..."Penny Lane" encompasses the minimalist designs with our light grey + gold striping. We love you "Penny Lane."

Our planters are 1/3 lighter in weight than your traditional clay/terracotta planters, are extremely durable (resistant to corrosion, moisture + extreme temps), frost + scratch resistant and reduce water evaporation.


These lovely light-weight planters are lovingly hand painted in Vancouver, Canada. Each planter is painted to order using water-based paint (yay, environment!). Due to the artisanal painting of the planters, no two planters will be the same, making your new planter one of a kind.

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With rainbow glass added to this Small Dodecahedron terrarium - its facets look amazing in a windowsill. The rainbow glass is multicolored and gleams any time of day but especially in the sunlight. It is handmade by Glass House Studios with care and ready to be a focal piece in your home! Create your own mini succulent garden or keep it by itself as a sculptural piece and object of curiosity.

The solder seams of this terrarium are a copper finish and one panel is left open for easy planting and for air flow.

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This set of 2 pastel pink-hued prints by Kate N' Paul Art will bring a calming aura to any room in your home — your bedroom, living room, bathroom, or hallway. Also as great gifts, you can order this set of prints in the size of your choice.

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