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Your Space, Your Oasis: A Guide to Creating a Zen Home

Your Space, Your Oasis: A Guide to Creating a Zen Home

A budget-friendly “how to” guide for creating a dreamy home oasis.


Your home is your place of comfort and, more than ever now, your safe place. 

If this last year of multiple stay-at-home orders and the global crisis has taught us anything, it’s that our home can be a sanctuary for holding onto our sanity.

Not sure what makes a home “zen”? We’ll set you up with the basics so you can turn your home into your ultimate personal oasis.


Start With the Foundation

Bringing your home together with zen and harmony may seem like a tall task, so let’s tackle it step by step. Start with the bare basics of your home: walls and floors. 

Your walls are a canvas that sets the tone for the vibe you’re building, and the texture of your floors follow suit. Soothing colors and textures will bring comfort in your home.

Choosing the right aesthetic to radiate with your personality can make or break your peace, impact your mood, and create either positive or not-so-positive energy within a space. 

If it doesn’t bring you tranquility, it has no place in your home. 




Use Colors to Calm You 

We know that colors can affect your mental and emotional state by triggering certain emotions, thanks to color psychology. The color palette you choose to decorate your home with can have a remarkable impact on how your space affects you. Create a tranquil oasis in your bedroom with calming, cool or neutral tones. 

Lighter, natural hues such as beige, whites, browns or creams evoke a feeling of grounding, cleansing and relaxation.

Cool colors are shades of blue, green, purple, grey and black. 

According to color psychology, cool colors represent these emotions:




Choose The Right Textures 

As with colors, textures can alter your mood and change your space. Soft, breathable fabrics made from natural sources (like organic cotton or silk) are not just better for your peace of mind, but they’re also proven to be better for your skin. 

Synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, are made with toxic chemicals that have a harmful effect on your skin. These fabrics can lead to drier skin, eczema flare-ups, and even increase your chances of health risks when these chemicals are absorbed into your skin.

For your bedding and furniture, give room in your budget to high-quality fabrics to keep you comfortable. You spend every day in your home, and your zen is worth the investment. 


Take Advantage of Natural Light 

One of the easiest ways to open your space and reconnect yourself with nature is, well, let it in. Open your windows to let in sunlight and fresh air. 

Sunlight has been proven to boost your mood, immune system, and help with depression. In addition, the more sunlight you are exposed to, the better your quality of sleep.

Try maximizing your natural light exposure by opening curtains and windows, using lighter, reflective colors in your decor, or use mirrors to bounce light from room to room.



Add Living Accents

One of the easiest ways to turn your space into a zen oasis is by surrounding yourself in plants. Plants emit the oxygen we breathe, while absorbing toxic carbon dioxide.

In addition, because green is right in the middle of the color wheel, it is actually the easiest color for our eyes to perceive. 

For a stylish way to add plants to your home, try this stunning planter from Home & Aura. The minimalist design makes a quiet statement, drawing your eye to your plants as a focal point.


Keep Decor Simple 

Your home decor is a reflection of your personal style, and what makes you feel good, but how do you know when “enough” is really too much

We’ve all felt that overwhelm that comes with clutter. That feeling that disrupts your comfort, gnawing at you when too many things are out of place.

This happens to me at least once a year, and I can’t even get a good night’s sleep until I make amends with my home in a giant decluttering practice. 

But what if you never had to worry about that overwhelm again?

One easy method I’ve implemented over the years is learning to keep things simple. 

The decor in your home is a reflection of your taste. Keep in mind, it is also art, and art is created to stimulate your mind, and make you feel. Having too much going on with your decor makes your home feel extra busy, and can get out of hand quickly. 

Keep your decor simple if you’re going for a zen space. Use light, cool colors, cozier fabrics, and aim for one or two statement pieces that bring you to your happy place, without filling up every inch of blank space.



Budget Friendly Option to Transform Your Space

Not sure it’s in your budget to redecorate your entire space, but still want to add zen? Try mixing things up with a new scent. Not only are candles and diffusers budget friendly, but this option allows you to instantly transform your space from a “campfire in the woods” to “tropical paradise”.

 A particular smell can remind you of home and keep you in your safe place. In the winter, choose to opt for softer, richer scents like Virtue Essentials candles.

Play up warm scents like vanilla in the winter, because it reminds you of the cookies you used to bake with your parents or grandparent as a child. 

This seemingly small addition keeps your zen oasis feeling and smelling cozy.

Want more tips for a budget-friendly, drop-dead gorgeous home? We share design and style inspiration from all walks of life on the ‘gram. Find us here @Home & Aura.



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