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Home is a State of Mind - Aundréa Murray

Home is a State of Mind - Aundréa Murray


My name is Aundréa Murray and I am a freelance marketing campaigns manager, video content producer, and writer. I’m currently living in transit — I've been Vietnam for 5 months and my last home before this was in Bali, Indonesia. I’ve been blessed to work remotely from Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, the United Kingdom and the United States. I’m currently on my second passport and using my privilege to continue experiencing the world. If I can share a story that inspires someone to write their own, then one of my biggest passions has been fulfilled. 

Current motto (or mantra, I’d prefer): “Home isn’t an address, it’s a state of mind.” 



HOME: How Often Meditation Exists

After spending 2 hours in an immigration line at the airport or trying to balance a suitcase on the back of a motorbike, there’s no better feeling than getting home, feeling home, and being home. 

For me, home has never been based on an address. I’ve shared spaces with friends, exes, or family members for most of my adult life. Home has always been the vibration that I can get lost in and the space that I can feel most comfortable retreating to. Home is that candle that smells like basil and tobacco. Home is the Black woman painted on a canvas that I can’t take my eyes off of. Home is wrapping up in a blanket that pauses time for a bit. Home is the corners of a room that I can call my own even if it doesn’t fully belong to me.

And as a digital nomad, it’s important to feel “at home” no matter where in the world I am. 

There’s always a lot of technology around me: a laptop, a wireless mouse, a cell phone, a camera, and that list goes on. Unfortunately, these devices create a tense energy surrounding me. I could never deny the comfort that comes with having fast Wi-Fi and a playlist of my favorite YouTube videos to binge. But for the sake of my peace of mind, a few crystals and stones around the room does a lot for my mood. Aventurine and hematite on my wrists keeps me balanced and relaxed when I’m checking emails. While Tiger’s eye around my neck helps me focus on getting things done so I can get back to quality time with myself again. 


Even when I’m not in my sanctuary, it doesn’t take much for me to take pieces from my home wherever I go. 

Whether I’m working from a cafe in Bali or cruising in an Uber rickshaw through Mumbai, it’s easy for me to feel at home. I enjoy fixating on the textures surrounding me and the way they make me feel. I aim for spaces that inspire me to touch the crevices and take in the aesthetics. It could be the wooden floors underneath my bare feet. It could be the incense burning in an entry hall. I’m inspired to bring things like room sprays and travel-sized humidifiers with me when traveling to different places. Not only am I setting the vibe for myself but for anyone else nearby. 

But when it’s time to go home, it’s time to go home — and not many things get me more excited than that.


Sometimes, I come home to an empty place. What reminds me that I’m never alone are the select messages plastered on my favorite items. There’s a journal on my desk that says “Gratitude” on the cover. I have a sleeping mask in my nightstand drawer that says “You Are Cool Enough To Me” in a bold font. With the right language, I’m reminded that I’m right where I should be — and that’s at home.

There’s love in the way I choose to curate my spaces. I show appreciation for my visitors through the scents that they’re greeted with once they enter my safe haven. I honor the freedom that travel grants me and I pay it forward with the meaningful trinkets I’ve collected from the places that I’ve been. Every item I possess has a story and every inch of my nest nurtures me before I fly off again. 

I’m learning that home is not an address and a mailbox — home is a reflection of the small, simple comforts of life. 

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